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Sliding aluminum windows

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Perimeter aluminum sliding window with thermal bridge break (RPT) of 24 mm. Adapted to the latest aesthetic trends. Great tightness. Quick and easy assembly is one of the most used sliding aluminum windows. With the best quality / price ratio in the market.
RPT perimeter slide (breakage of the thermal bridge) with 70 mm frame that presents good performances in a test bench and a fast and simple manufacturing.
It is indicated for windows and balconies up to 2300 mm high.
According to the CTE (technical code of the building), which requires a minimum thermal performance depending on the geographical location, this series is indicated for all climatic zones, although in areas D and E should also be placed a low insulating glass emissive.
The maximum measure of glass that can accommodate is 21 mm.
In order to increase the sealing and the thermal and acoustic insulation, it has an inverted U-shaped polyamide profile (elevated channel) that allows draining over the entire length of the lower frame, and not only on the part that faces the outside. This novelty is patented and is present in the entire range of sliders.
The bearings work with needles and are presented in a simple and tandem version. All can be adjusted vertically and the tandem version can hold up to 150 kg per sheet. The change of the bearing can be done without opening the leaf of the window.
The frame profiles have a clipping system that allows easy positioning of auxiliary profiles such as flashing, flashing or frame joints. We supply the complete range of accessories for this system.
All our systems are integrated computer.
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