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Corrugated Iron


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En stock

What are Corrugated Iron Bars?

Corrugated iron bars are widely used materials in construction and the building industry. Their main feature is their corrugated textured surface, which increases their adhesion to concrete and enhances their strength in structural applications.

Composition and Materials

These bars are primarily manufactured from high-quality carbon steel. In many cases, the steel may contain small amounts of other elements to improve its mechanical properties and resistance to corrosion. This composition enhances their robustness and makes them suitable for construction applications.

Uses in Construction

Corrugated iron bars are primarily used as reinforcement in reinforced concrete structures. They are essential for resisting tensile and compressive forces in foundations, pillars, beams, and other structural components. In addition to building applications, they are used in bridges, roads, and other essential infrastructure.

Regulations and Standards

To ensure the safety and quality of constructions, corrugated iron bars must adhere to strict regulations and standards. These govern specifications such as diameters and mechanical properties to ensure compliance with structural requirements.

Transport and Storage

Proper care in the transport and storage of corrugated iron bars is crucial to prevent damage and maintain their quality. They should be stored in a dry place and protected from corrosion to ensure their long-term structural integrity.

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